A powerfulcomprehensive course on mastering data visualization and analyticsusing R!Datawas once only powerful when it came to making business decisions, buttoday data plays a more important role and is currently the basis ofall the modern business functions. The growing need for organizeddata has resulted in the higher demands for data scientists, minersand also data analysts. Thisis the prime time to join one of the worlds fastest growingindustry as a data scientist and all you need to become one is thiscourse!Wehave designed this exceptionally comprehensive course at beginners aswell as intermediate students who want to master the art of datascience and learn exactly how to analyze and organize data to createcharts or graphs. The coursehas been dedicated to helping you understand one of the mostimportant tools of data science R Statistical Environment. Inaddition to the R environment, you will also go over the popular datascience R programming language. Whilethere are many other languages that can be used for data science, Rhas become synonymous with data analytics and has been usedindustry-wide in data science. R refers to the R programming languageas well as R statistical computing environment that is used forstatistical computing and graphics. The R language is popularly usedamong statisticians, data miners, data analysts, etc. Thiscourse focuses on helping breakdown R and R programming language intosimple and easy to understand concepts that cover everything you needto know to get started with Data Science. The course will not onlyhelp you learn the R languages basic syntax, but also thecomputing environment where you will learn exactly how to importdata, organize the data, create charts and graphs and also exportdata.Thecourse will in-depth cover topics such as Basic Data Visualization,Advanced Data Visualization, Generating Maps using JSON Structures,Implementation of Statistics, Data Munging/Wrangling, DataManipulation and so much more!Atthe end of this course, you will have mastered exactly how to workwith data and bend it to your wishes. Thisis the perfect course for anyone who is looking to make the jump intothe world of Data Science. Enrollnow and learn how you can become an expert at data science!