jQuery is easy to add to your websites and can provide really powerful advancedfunctionality. Learn how to make your web content dynamic. jQuery is perfect for connecting your HTML elements with script. Let your HTML come to life, change the content that is displayed using jQuery. It brings life into boring old static HTML pages, and makes them dynamic. Access all of your page elements and let you imagination guide you as to what you want to happen. Users are expecting more, and within this course we show you how you can deliver using jQuery.Bring data into your webpages dynamically and use that data to create better user experiences. Customise the user experience as you use data to make HTML dynamic. No page reloads, it updates your page content. Making AJAX calls easy, bring in data and use it in your code. One of the easiest ways to create AJAX calls is with jQuery. This course shows you the options for retrieving external file data and pulling it into your code to use within your web pages.jQuery also makes animations of HTML elements easy, with just a few lines of code that can move and create awesome effects on any HTML element. You won’t believe how easy it is to create amazing effects with jQuery. This course covers, hide/show, fading, sliding effects and animate. Learn to select your HTML elements and let jQuery make them shine. This course covers everything you need to know to get started with jQuery.Step by step learningHD quality videosSource code includedTop resources and tips for using jQueryProfessional instruction from an instructor with over 18 years experience.Let jQuery simplify theprocess of adding advanced functionality to your web pages.Explorer how jQuery worksSee how to add dynamic functionality to your page elementsLearn about updating HTML contentUse events to create user interactionTraverse the HTML content to better select desired elementsCreate animations and cool effectsDiscover how to load data into your webpage via AJAX callsI’m hereto help you learn how to use jQuery, and ready to answer any questions you may have.jQuery is in demand used across many of the top websites today. Learning to use jQuery can set you apart. Want to know more, join now to start learning about jQuery today.