Very Important:1. Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please do not join until you have completed this step. 2. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember Iam just one person, and Imake my videos often after Ihave been working for many hours already. PLease do not join until you have completed this step. 3. If something needs fixing, please let me know. Again, I’m just one person and not a big team of people. Iwill try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you.Let’s take a look at everything that this course has to offer. JQuery is a library of JavaScript functions. These functions allow programmers to manipulate HTML elements to produce a variety of effects. This course is an introduction to jQuery using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community. This course is not for intermediate or advanced students of jQuery. Each lesson is an HD video. The code samples are created in Visual Studio, and run in Google Chrome.Questions are asked throughout the videos. At those times, please pause and do your best to answer each question. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out and ask. I usually respond within 24 hours.Each video is about nine minutes long. The font in each video is big so the code is easy to read. Some of the code samples are simple, and some are complex. Each video usually represents just a few, connected concepts. Thanks for reading, and see you inside!jQuery and related marks are trademarks of the JS Foundation, and this course is not affiliated with or endorsed by the JS Foundation.