Introduction to Pen and Ink Sketching


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Who is this course for?- Are you a beginner who is intimidated by the mere thought of sketching?- This course is for you- Are you a hobby artist looking for a great way to create mind boggling sketches?- This course is for you- Are you a pro artist looking to add a fantastic tool to your arsenal? – This course is for youWhat do you need to start this course?- Loads of enthusiasm!- Apen (any color, any make, any type)- ApaperWhat will you learn?- Learn tohave a fresh look at the world, with the vision of an artist.Aworld where even seeminglyordinary objects take on a life of a sketch subject!- Various materials used in pen and ink sketching,- Shading techniques,andsketching monochrome and colored sketches.Of course, real learning happens from doing, So you will alsodo some hands-onsketching step by stepthrough two fun and exciting exercises.Before you begin …Iam really excited to indulge in thisversatile and super convenient medium of sketching, and at the end of the course, Ihopeto transfer some of that excitement to you.So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore this amazing medium and get rolling.