Introduction to psychic communication with your E.T. guides



Have you gone through unexplained occurrences in your lifetime? Do you have a fascination with the extraterrestrials and what part they play in your life? Do you feel that you really don’t belong here on earth? Have you felt like you’ve been watched all your life? What about implants – are they from the government or from outer space? This course will help you with recognizing your own psychic powers and to tap into your original telepathic communication abilities to establish a personal relationship with your E.T. guides. In order for this course to be more effective, please make sure you have a journal to record the information you receive and also remember. You will:Recognize your own experiences with the guides Simple techniques to spiritually protect yourselfEasy tools for connecting to your guidesBeginner’s channeling and telepathic skillSee original artwork of E.T.’sto tap into their energyHave an exchange of thought/energy/and wisdom for your life