The Introduction to the IT Architect role course will provide the students a complete understanding what is IT architecture and how it differentiates from the other IT disciplines, what are the IT Architect roles in the enterprise, how they make an important contribution to deliver the business and technical capabilities required for the enterprise to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage in the industry and what are the main benefits of becoming an IT architect. The course provides an introduction to the following IT Architect roles and their responsibilities::Enterprise ArchitectsBusiness ArchitectsApplication ArchitectsInformation/Data ArchitectsTechnology ArchitectsNetwork ArchitectsSolution ArchitectsSystems ArchitectsSecurity Architects…. and a few other typesThis is an excellent starting course for people working in IT industry such as:Developers who would like to become Application ArchitectsBusiness Analysts who would like to become Business ArchitectsInfrastructure Specialists who would like to become Infrastructure/Hardware or Technology ArchitectsDatabase Administrators who will like to become Data or Information Architects.Security Consultants who will like to become Security Architects,