Learn how to use simple and sophisticated professional trading techniques and strategies so you can invest profitably in the right markets, at the right time, with the least risk.Discover how to create and test your personalized trading system which complements your personality style and investment objectives.See the relationship between volume, velocity and trendMaster trade entry and exitLearn short term and sentiment indicatorsDevelop disciplined risk managementRead candlesticks charts to improve timingUse professional tools: Moving Averages, Support and Resistance, and Elliott wavesProfit from economic information and monetary indicatorsThe power to analyze and act in any market at anytimeEmpower yourself to select and screen markets and time your profit taking. Learn how to cover and control losses to succeed in the short-term and long-term. Discover how a professional trader thinks and how you can adopt this mindset.Gain confidence and competence in making efficient and effective financial decisions. Stop feeling overwhelmed and intimidated by economic news and pundits predictions. Use technical trading to clearly separate the noise from the signal, so you can get in and out profitably.Content and OverviewAny investor looking to learn how to choose the right securities and to enter the market at the right time will find this course informative and easy to learn. There are 37 lectures and over 5.5 hours of content. Using real world examples drawn from multiple markets, as well as my 25 plus years on Wall Street, you will learn how to choose an appropriate market, the best way to read financial charts, and what tools professionals use to consistently maximize profits and minimize losses.You will discover exactly why the trend is your friend by understanding the relationship between trend indicators and moving averages. We will delve into support and resistance levels, stops and targets and use them to examine the most effective strategies.Once you have mastered these strategies, we will address the weakest link in any trading system: you. We will define, explore, and instill the rules you must follow and the psychological practices you need, to control yourself before investing and while managing your positions.Building upon your psychological discipline, we will cover core risk management principles so you can protect and build even the smallest investment accounts.By the end of the course you will know what it takes to be a successful investor and appreciate the power of trading technically. You will be able to see and seize more opportunities as well as avoid the tricks and traps of the markets and your own mind.