iOS 10 Message extension app reskinning without coding



In this course, you will get to publish your very own iOS 10 app message extension.Did you know that with iOS 10, users can create apps that are used within the messages app. You can make all sorts of apps and in this course, you will get to reskin an app that lets users cooperate in creating robot stickers together.One user can add the robot head while another can add the hands and body. Isn’t it amazing?Now, This course is made in a way that you don’t need to know how to code and you won’t have to write not even one single line of code.Also, i will show you how design your own images without having to know how to draw.By taking this course, you get the full source code of the iOS sticker app and you can make as many apps as you wish, using any theme that comes to your mind. Think of all the possibilities. Users can cooperate in creating all types of stickers: cars, houses, ice creams, robots, or even hamburgers! let your imagination go wild!Apple made a totally new app store specially made for these messages apps. So now is the time to get your apps noticed by publishing sticker apps, the competition is very low.Amaze your friends, family members and the whole world.I’ll see you in the classroom.