The iOS Made Easy courseas the names suggestsyou will learn to develop iOS apps effortlessly! You will be mentored right from the basics beginning with Object Oriented Programming Concepts and move to the more advanced topics such as delegates, protocols, customising UI controlsetc.I’ll be coaching you on the playgrounds to get familiar with various syntaxes of Control Flow Statements, Data Types, Primitives and Complex types as we work with various programs like reversing a number, reversing a string, printing the prime numbers.You will also understand the differences between value types, reference types etc to a very low level and how they are represented in the memory with various examples. This will in-turn help you have the right programming principles and lets you choose the right types when programming.You will work onvarious thought provoking programs that will help you sharpen your programming skills right from the beginning.At the end of the session You will not only work with me on developing real time projects but also will have a chance to think through and change the code shared to meet new use cases.Am sure you will enjoy and learn with fun iOS Programming in SWIFT.What Do you get at the end of this training?You will be very strong in basics of object orientedprogramming.You will develop apps with confidence.You will know exactly what approach needs to be taken in developing the apps you are thinking.You will have right programming skills.You will easily work with various controls and complex programming stuff in Swift without any difficulty.