***UPDATE MARCH 2020 > Please note this course will shortly be unpublished, as I have a new in-depth, updated version of this course available on Udemy, titled ‘iPHONE FILMMAKING FOR BEGINNERS’, a 5 hour Masterclass Course (4 times the content of this course). I would urge you to check out that course link before enrolling in this course, as the new course contains all-current information on accessories, techniques and specifications. Thanks – Jason.- – – – – – – -Are you a budding filmmaker, storyteller, brand marketer or avid smartphone photographer looking to translate your skills to video?This inspiration packed course is the most informative and revealing masterclass for iPhone filmmakers anywhere. I combine over 20 years experience in the advertising, marketing and filmmaking worlds to bring you ALL my best experiences and insights so you can master filming on your iPhone. From filming on the streets to winning at Sundance London, I’m going to share with you (in 6 easy-to-follow chapters, and in 25 steps) how to perfect your iPhone videos with:STABILITY – how to film rock-stable videos on your iPhone, every timeCAMERA MODES – standard video, slo-mo, time-lapse, master them allLIGHTING – harness the light around you to capture stunning videosSOUND – yes, you CAN get professional sound on your iPhone videosEDITING – see the APPS changing the face of pocket editing on iPhoneLENSES – from mild to wild, you won’t believe how great these lookI’ve purposefully divided the masterclass into 6 chaptered lectures so you can learn one discipline, test the theories I’ll show you, then move onto the next lecture and build on your filmmaking capacity.