By the end of this class you will walk away with some new skills that will allow you to shoot better photos & videos at your next family gathering, your next concert, your next course, and your next vacation!This course is for anyone that wants to learn the essential skills you need to know in order to take amazing photos and videos with the phone you have in your pocket. I really want you to learn the right skills so that no matter what situation you are in you can capture great photos and videos that you will want to share with friend and family. The great thing about this course is that it is optimized for watching on your desktop as well as on the go using your smartphone!For the Photography Sections We Will Be Covering:Ideal iPhone settings for shooting PhotosTechniques for shooting steady photos like the T-RexHow to make some DIY tripodsAnd finally we will share our photos as a class using our new skills!For The Filmmaking Sections We Will Be Covering:Ideal settings for shooting Videos FrameRates, Slow Motion, and LightingAnd tips for creating great footage that is ready to be shared Some Early Important Tips:Make sure you put your phone in airplane modeTurn the brightness up to maxAlways shoot video verticallyHold on a shot you want 5 seconds longer than you think you need toIf you dont have an iPhone thats fine, because the techniques you will learn will translate to any camera phone. Throughout this course I will share many of examples that are guided by live video and screencasts of these techniques in action, so you know exactly what to do step by step. I created this course for anyone that wants to improve their photography skills, for anyone that wants to take better photos to share with friend and family (think social media)And anyone that wants to learn photography and videofrom scratch before investing money into a more professional kit In this course you will learn about composition (Think rule of 3rds), you will learn about lighting (how to take advantage of natural light), what are the best settings to optimize your photos and anything else you want to learn!