Have you ever shared photos from a recent trip with friends and family where they were underwhelmed while looking at the pictures?Or maybe you’ve caught yourself saying “this picture doesn’t do it justice” while showing off a photo. You try to share the enjoyment you felt in that moment with the people in your life but you don’t really know how to take photos that captures their imagination putting them in your shoes. You might want to share your moments with the world on Instagram to reach more people who love what you do and can’t help but like your photos. If this sounds like you, don’t worry this can all be fixed in 30 minutes or less. In this course you’re going to learn how to go from a complete novice in photography to using the same principles professional photographers use to create stunning images. The best part is if you have an iPhone then you already have all the equipment you need to be a great photographer. Will this course make you a highly sought after photographer?No, that would take years of practice and experience. Will this have your friends and family inviting you to their special moments so you can capture it? You bet! After seeing what you can do strapped with only an iPhone and the basics of photography they will be begging you to come. You’re going to l learn in only 30 minutes: How to navigate your iPhone settings to get the highest quality image. (Apple’s default settings hurt your image quality)Learn how to different compositions to capture images that tell your storyHow to use exposure to create vibrant colors and dramatic effectsTake natural lighting and use it to make your subject pop in your photosUse depth of field to tell a story and create emotion in your photosTurn your iPhone into a professional photography editing studio to take your images to the next level qualityPost your images on Instagram with the highest quality to maximize your likes and reachOnce you learn the basics that is taught in this course you’ll be able to outshine your friends when it comes to the photos your friends take. I think we can all agree that spending thirty minutes to capture the trips and life’s important moments for a lifetime is worth the investment. Can’t wait to see you inside the course!