Irrsistible – English Language: Reading and British Accent



Currently the course allows to:get theperfect British accent (the BBC standard! or RP, or ‘the Queen’s language’)understand the English language conceptsfeel the languageprepare for writing poems in Englishdevelop and have fun!At the moment the course is coveringthe basics of English reading through 60 rhymes. But keep up, we will be adding more soon!Get ready for your amazingBritish accent adventure!=========Special thanks to the amazing talents that contributed to the course creation:Michaela James -the stunning British accent of our course! Michaela is an on-air radio personality with over 10 years experience, the narrator of over 20 books on Audible, and the author of four novels – check for more onmichaelajames (dot)net!Eric Baron – our French translator and speaker.