Islam women and Western Feminism



Discuss the topics1) Feminist approach towards religion2) Objectification of women and the Logic of Hijab3) Why do all the 48 Muslim majority countries allow women to drive?4) Illogical arguments behind the concept of equality5) ‘Wage disparity, single parenthood, depressive illness’ vs Islamic ‘Formula of financial care for women’6) Social consequences of feminism7) The political and economic vision of feminism8) Primary role of men and women, natural differences9) Logic behind Muslim social arrangements10) Different kinds of approaches towards women (in the past and present)’Orthodox approach, feminist approach’ vs ‘Islamic approach’11) History and development of feminism, its major arguments12) Introduction to previous studies in the subjectFrom the beginning of the colonial period, there has been an effort to apply western standards across whole Globe. As a result, everything is judged on the basis of western logic. Muslim women’s religious identity is represented in the West as a symbol of oppression, and it causes a clash between civilizations.Theres no denying that Muslim social arrangements (dressing, limited gender segregation, etc,) are slightly different from western Feminist norms. They are called irrelevant by the extreme liberals without even considering the fact that those arrangements have proven entirely successful in facilitating a happy family life, which is of course an excellent model for the West today, where the institution of family and marriage is almost on the verge of collapse.In addition to thetwo hour video lecture, The entire course is going to be soon available in written format in article section, alongwith the links toa collection of selected online resources in the field.