The perfect job only comes along once: are you ready to grab it?The truth is that silly mistakes and small margins are often the difference between getting a job offer and being thrown on the reject pile. I should know: I have spent 10 years in the IT industry, working both as a contractor and hiring manager.In this course, I will teach you the secrets that win job offers in the IT industry. We will look at:What makes a CV that gets people’s attentionHow to address all objections and blockers in interview situationsHow to negotiate for more when offered a jobDesigning a career plan that makes promotion inevitableWhy take this course?Career progression is critical in IT. Every year a new generation of graduates enters the market. The only way to stay ahead of them is to take them call you “boss”.These opportunities do not come along every day. You have to be ready. Think of it like an athlete training for the Olympics. They only get one shot at the gold medal every for years, but to achieve it takes preparation and practice.Why should take this course?You should take this course if:You work the IT industry (permanent or contractor)You are hungry to progress up the career ladderYou worry about missing out on your dream jobYou should skip this course if:You work in a field not related to ITYou are happy with your existing job and do not want to earn moreYou don’t want to invest a few hours and 15 in your careerDo I really need this course?You have other options.You could learn the hard way. And miss a lot of opportunities.You could do all the research yourself. Read all of the books, talk to all the hiring managers, ask your employer if you can sit in on some interviews. If your time is not valuable, this is a great option.You could take a different course. But is it designed and built by someone with 10 years experience specifically in the IT industry?Try it risk freeAll Udemy courses come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Not happy with the course? Get a full refund.EnrollnowAre you ready to invest in your future? Enroll now and get ready to take the next step in your career.