Japanese language study course for international students BB



This course is a basic course B in the series of Japanese language study course for International Students.Basic course B introduces events where students can enjoy a university life in addition to studying at the university. “Extra-curricular activities” are the theme.For example, studying Japanese using the terms (including technical terms) used at the university with specific themes such as “entrance ceremony”, “school festival”, “Group date”, “volunteer”, “club activities”, and “graduation ceremony”For international students, many words will be heard for the first time.However, if you enter university, you will hear all the words every day.Let’s get rid of resistance to Japanese languages by studying before entering university.The practice of reading aloud and slash reading is taken into consideration because it is very important to improve reading and listening skills in order to improve Japanese.In addition to information on university life, we will introduce many wonderful seasons in Japan.Therefore, this program is designed to learn Japanese used at the university level.The teaching materials are composed of commentary text and conversational text, and two quizzes are prepared before and after the lecture.Conversation text is produced mainly by the conversation between Rion-kun, an overseas student from Australia, and his friend Eishi-kun and Miki Itakura-san.For international students, the first experience of university life in Japan can be imaged before admission.There are also two questions that are likely to appear in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).