This course is an admission preparation course A in the series of Japanese language study course for International Students.In an admission preparation course A, the theme is “Study Japanese” to prepare for university entrance. With specific themes such as “Onyomi and Kunyomi”, “Homonymous words”, “Why work part-time”, “Future work”, “Japanese study and club activities”, “Japanese study and dormitory life”, Learn Japanese to prepare for university admission. Be sure to study Japanese well before enrolling in the university so you can enter the university with confidence.The practice of reading aloud and slash reading is taken into consideration because it is very important to improve reading and listening skills in order to improve Japanese. In addition to information on university life, we will introduce many wonderful seasons in Japan. Therefore, this program is designed so that you can study Japanese used in preparation for university entrance.The teaching materials are composed of “conversation sentences” of Part1 and Part2 and “conversation sentences” of summary, and the purpose is to acquire listening comprehension. We have prepared supplementary materials (downloadable) that you should read before each lecture of Part1 and Part2. The Conversation Sentence is based on a conversation between Rion, an international student from Australia, and the uncle at the house where he is homestaying. For those who wish to study at a Japanese university, you can remove the anxiety of Japanese university life that you experience for the first time before enrollment.