Japanese Pastry Course #1 Japanese Short cake



What comes tomind when you think of Japanese food?Sushi, Tempura, Ramen, … But how about Japanese sweets?Japanese strawberry shortcake is the most popular cake in Japan,You can find it in all cake shops along the streets here.If you ask Japanese people, “Please draw any kind of cake”, everyone would draw this cake.Its made of soft and airy sponge cake layers, filled with freshly sliced strawberries in whipped cream.Its so good and everyone likes it.Its really simple, but its important to know some tips and techniques to create the perfect sponge cake and frost it with whipped cream.In this course, you will learn how to bake an amazing light and fluffy textured sponge cake and how to decorate the cake beautifully with frosting.Im going to show you every single step even some small tips, so you will get the hang of it.For this lesson, I will use the professional recipe but you can make it at home.Hope you enjoy baking with me!