Japanese Pastry Course #3 Matcha desserts



Have you heard of Matcha? Or are you already a matcha lover?Matcha, or Japanese green tea has become popular overseas in the past few years. You can now find green tea lattes and matcha flavored sweets available in stores around the world.Its not only tasty, but its also good for your health.In this Matcha course, you will learn the differences of several green teas, and how to use matcha properly for drinks and baking.Im going to show you not only the recipe, but also the reasons why we fail, the solutions, and helpful tips. Unlike when you just watch the average cooking video, you can ask me questions anytime on my Q&A page.So if you are interested in Japanese cuisine, want to add a new and delicious dessert to your collection or just want to impress your guests at the next dinner party. this class is for you.Are you ready to explore the world of Japanese sweets and desserts?Lets get started!Asami