Here’s what JavaFxis:JavaFX is a set of graphics and media packages that enables developers to design, create, test, debug, and deploy rich client applications that operate consistently across diverse platforms. JavaFx gives you the facility to create application withawesome graphics.Because in simple java you cannot create advance level graphics.In this course you will learn the concepts of JavaFx. If you don’tknowwhere to start learning JavaFxthis is the course. You will learn all the basic concepts of JavaFx with practical examples. Firsti’ll show you what software’s you need to use in this course and where you can get those software’s.Ihavealsoprovidesource code files of practical examples so you don’t need to write the code again while watching lectures. Then we will learn how to create and handle astage. Then some important conceptsevent handlers, anonymous inner classes, lambda expression etc. After this you will learn how to switchscenes or how to switchb/wwindows.Then an important thing how to createalert box or pop-up box and communication b/w windows. After this you will learn a proper way to close the program. Theni’ll teach you the differentlayouts and how to embed them with each other. Then i’ll teach some things about form like extractinginput, validating input, checkbox, choice box, listeners, combo box. After this you will learn the list view,tree view,table view and how to add/deletethe data intable. Then you will learn menu related thingscreating menu, handling menu, check menu item, radio menu item. After this you will learnhow to apply css in JavaFx and many other things like selectors, class, id, properties, inline style etc.Then you will learn what isbinding and binding properties. Then we will understand and practicefxml, controllers, intializer, binding elements, reusable components, scene builder.If you will face any problem in your codeyou can share the code with me and i will point out the error for you.If you faceany problem during learning this courseyou can ask the question at any time and i will answer that question ASAP. This course is a JavaFxcourse, every concept coveredin details. If you are really interested in learning JavaFxthen this is the only course you wanna take :)If you will feel that this course doesn’t worth your money. you can refund your money within 30 days after taking this course. So, stop thinking and start learning JavaFx. I will see you inside.