WHATISTWO-WAY DATABINDING?Data binding is the synchronization between the model and the view.When data in themodelchanges, theviewreflects the change, and when data in theviewchanges, themodelis updated as well. This happens immediately and automatically, which makes sure that the model and the view is updated at all times.This is a great feature implemented by most of the JavaScript frameworks.REASONSTOLEARNABOUTTHISEven though the frameworks are great, they came with a cost: performance, compatibility, complexity, corner cases and the list can go on. There are situations where you don’t need the entire framework to build your application, sometimes you use a framework just for some of it features. Maybe you want to learn how to build your own framework but you don’t know how to do all the features of it. This course brings the solution by learning you how to do a core feature of some frameworks: two-way data binding. Together we will build this system from ground up with just some lines of JavaScript.Beside this, in this JavaScript course you have the opportunity to gain some knowledge or learn new things about JavaScript.Together we will learn about: use strict, defineProperty(), forEach(), hasOwnProperty() and IIFE. FRIENDLYCOURSEThis course will rise your JavaScript skills to a whole new level. Here is what you get when enroll in this course:1 hoursof HD videosBite-sized and easy-to-digest videos English closedcaptions (not theauto-generated ones provided by Udemy). Learn at your own pace-take your time if requiredFree helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck. Unlimited access- watch the course as many times as you wish30-day money-back guarantee- try it risk free!You have nothing to lose.Certificate of completionto present to your current or futureemployerWHYTHISCOURSE?There are several JavaScript courses on Udemy. So, what makes this course different?Here are some reasons:This is the only course about this subject ( two-way data binding)Teached by an experienced developerHe has taught over 10,000 studentsin 142 countriesNo unnecessary repetition- don’t waste your time on long coursesRaise your skills to a new level- this course will teach you how to use your JS skills in order to create complex functionalities and features, features that are found in many of the top frameworksWith a money guarantee of 30 days what do you have to lose? Impress your friends with this new skill!