JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted programming language. You’l find it everywhere its one of the cornerstones of the web. Learn the foundations of JavaScript coding develop the core skills you need to apply JavaScript to your web projectsExperience JavaScriptthis course is designed tointroduce you to JavaScript. Learn JavaScript here Simple to follow step by step guide building JavaScript code from scratch ultimatebeginners courseIn this course we teach you the core fundamental skills that you need to know in order to code JavaScript. Understanding the core coding options allows you to develop a solid base to build even more complex JavaScript applications..JavaScript is an excellent gateway to learning scripting languages, its perfect for beginners. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get started with.Learn how to use JavaScript Step by Step. JavaScript can be fun to work with and really help bring your web concepts to life. This is a course that outlines key areas that anyone starting out with JavaScript should learn. Build a solid foundation for future web development.JavaScript allows your web pages to interact with your visitors, creating dynamic customized interactions. React to user actions bringing your web content to the next is amazing what you can achieve with a few lines of JavaScript code.JavaScript is an interpreted language = renders in a browser so no barrier to get started withThe majority of websites employ it, and all modern web browsers support it without the need for plug-ins by means of a built-in JavaScript engine. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production. JavaScript isan object-based scripting languagethat is lightweight and cross-platform.JavaScript lets you create interactive websitesCreate your first JavaScript codelearn how to add JavaScript to your web pagesBetter understand the structure of JavaScriptKey JavaScript components like Functions, Arrays, Objects, Loops and conditionals and how to apply them in codeWeb development skills to the next levelJavaScript Core functionality learn about using Math, Strings, literals identifiers and more.Experience what can be possible with JavaScript. Learn to create your own immersive web experiences with JavaScript. Make interactive websites.Let’s start Coding JavaSCript