Do you want to learn JavaScript Programming? & Want to know each and every concept of JavaScript programming Language? and if you are a Complete Beginner or Experienced who want to brush up concepts of JavaScript programming deeply, then this course is for you, you will learn each and every concept of JavaScript thoroughly by building 2 projects which makes you professional JavaScript Developer to Kick Start Your Career as a Web Designer or Web Developer or JavaScript Developer, By Enrolling to “JavaScript for Absolute Beginners – Learn Building Projects” course, you will learn the following conceptsSome of the concepts covered in this course are as follows and You’ll learn What is JavaScript ?Variables in JavaScriptData Types in JavaScriptOperators in JavaScriptCondition Statements in JavaScriptLoops in JavaScriptArrays in JavaScriptObjects in JavaScriptFunctions in JavaScriptEvents in JavaScriptType Conversion in JavaScript more etc…..Most Important You Learn JavaScript by Building 2 Projects which makes you understand JavaScript concepts even better.Project 1 – Build Multiplication TableBased on User inputs.Project 2 – Simple JavaScript Calculator that performs Basic Arithmetic OperationsThis course is structured to target both the Beginners and the Intermediate level JavaScript learners. Since this course covers all JavaScript concepts, it will help Experts to brush up their JavaScript concepts and create better JavaScript Apps.Enroll to this course and start learning JavaScript, Happy Learning 🙂