JEE/AIPMT Exam Prep: Essentials of Physical Chemistry



This course is designed to help students self-prepare for the JEE/AIPMT engineering/medical entrance exams in India.This course will enable you to master all the concepts you need to know in Physical Chemistry to feel comfortable and confident about cracking the engineering/medical entrance exam. We cover chapters like Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Structure of Atom, Solid State, Electrochemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, Chemical Bonding, Solutions and provide Videos where we teach the basic concepts of physical chemistry.Mind maps which contain the whole content of a topic in one single page, represented in the form of infographics which will able you to remember and retain the concept betterRevision notes specially designed to brush up on your concepts after you have finished the topicStep by Step Complete NCERT solutions prepared by Subject ExpertsStudy planner- We give you a recommended schedule and timeline for each chapter so that you can plan out your study schedule better1 Test Paper with Video solutions which will help you to check your strengths and weakness in each topic so that you can find and resolve the problem areas in that chapter.Previous year exam questions which will help you benchmark yourself to ensure you can crack the final exam!