Learn how to code jQuery This course has everything you need to use add jQuery to your skills as a web developer!Loaded with FULL practice exercises to help you learn with ALL SOURCE CODE INCLUDEDWith over 12 hours of training, exercises and challenges, it’s the most comprehensive jQuery course available on Udemy!You’ll go from beginner to extremely high-level and your instructor will complete each project with you step by step on screen with source code provided.Inside the course, you’ll build a color guessing game, form exercise, YouTube API AJAX data application, combo lock game and much much more!You’ll learn how to:Adding jQueryTraversing and selecting elements with jQueryPage manipulations and DOM interactionEvent triggers page trigger and moreClass and styling with jQueryForms with jQueryjQuery Page animationsAJAX and JSON with jQueryYou’ll get friendly support in the Q&A area and all the source code available for download. This Offer Won’t Last ForeverYou will be amazed at how easy it can be to do some much.  Best of all jQuery syntax just makes sense!Go ahead and hit that “take this course” button to start learning the jQuery Today.  jQuery is still the most popular JavaScript library available, in fact over 19 Million websites use it and its used in almost 5000 libraries.   jQuery Knowledge should be part of any front end developers skill set and its a natural choice for anyone who is familiar with CSS and JavaScript.  jQuery provides web developers and easy way to create interactions with web pages.Basic understanding of the JavaScript Document Object Model and CSS is suggested as a prerequisite to this course.  this course covers everything you need to know in order to start creating amazing web applications using jQuery.Course covers how to do cool things with jQuerySetup and start using jQuerySimple element manipulationMaking selections of elementsGetting and setting element attributesLooping and multiple item selectionSelecting by Order odd evenTraversing the tree structure for better selectionClick events and how to apply them to elementsMaking element interactive and dynamicFiltering of selectionsAdvanced traversing of the DOM treeWorking with forms and getting dataEvent listeners and optionsHiding showing elementsUpdating element content, appending and prepending of contentChecking for classesPage content manipulations text html and moreGetting properties of elementsAnimations and amazing effects with jQueryjQuery utilitiesAJAX JSON and working with DataNext steps of jQuery UI and pluginsTaught by an instructor with over 19 years of web development experience ready to answer your questions and help you learn jQueryWhat are you waiting for join now and start creating your own amazing applications.