Kick start your memoir – writing exercises



Kick start your memoir – writing exercisesThis course has been designed to take you on a journey through various memories to help you to find the slice of life that you may want to share. It isn’t a how to write a memoir. It is a kick start. A kick start that will help you to later plan, outline, write, edit and publish your book.The course is split into what I call the chapters of your life. Each invites you to explore your life, has a teaching point and some writing exercises. Writing about your life is a way to make sense of your life, it helps you to heal and it is an amazing way to leave behind a legacy – your legacy.Memoir lets you share your stories, in a way that lets others see what you went through (good or not so good), shows who you are and says ‘maybe I can help you, maybe you can learn from me.”That feels good, doesn’t it?To get you started I have some great memoir writing exercises.  Once you start to pull all of these together you will be on your way to your first memoir.This course writing exercises for writing a memoir delivers:Ten chapters of your lifeLots of writing exercises to kick start your memory and your writingTake your time and enjoy this adventure through your life. You will be pleased that you did when you come to writing your story.Take this course right now and soon you will be on your way to writing a  memoir.