Kubernetes or K8 is gaining popularity among the app developers because of its myriads of advantages. It is basically an open-source container-orchestration system. It helps in automatic deployment, scaling and management of the containerized application. Kubernetes comes with several advantages like easy availability of tools or services, ability to run any containerized application, resource isolation, horizontal scaling and others. Whereas, containers act as a logical packaging mechanism from which applications are extracted to the environment where they actually run. It has several benefits too. Containers are small and fast, have their own file systems are portable across clouds, is highly efficient and much more. All of these properties have significantly increased the demand of the individuals having the knowledge of Kubernetes and Containers. Due to which we brought this course revolving around the concepts of Kubernetes and Containers.Why you should take this Course?It is an extensive course which entirely focuses on the concept of Kubernetes and Containers. At first, this course unfolds with the basic introduction of Kubernetes and Containers and then gives you in-depth details of the same. Along with the explanation of Kubernetes and Containers, installation of Docker on Linux, creating a Dockerfile and containerizing an existing application has also been shown. It gives you insights into the tool to run Kubernetes such as Minikube and gives introduction of yaml and resource file. Kubernetes architecture, networking and services are also included. Additionally, introduction to Google Cloud Kubernetes engine and other topics are mentioned too.This Course Includes-A Basic intro of Kubernetes and ContainersDocker installation, creating a dockerfile and containerizing an applicationTool to run K8 such as MinikubeKubernetes Architecture and ServicesIntroduction to Google Cloud Kubernetes Engineand much more!This technology is constantly becoming popular among the app developers and if you dont yet understand Kubernetes then its the right time to master this technology. Start now, in order to become the expert of tomorrow.