This is the exact course that I’ve wanted. I have been teaching on Udemy for years, and my income is dropping all the time. It is very encouraging that Cha-zay is giving me tools to branch out on my own. She is very inspiring.” Mary Monique Littlejohn*************************”She is so professional and the information she delivers is clearly stated.  I appreciate the way she simplifies her courses.  That’s why I continue to sign up for so many of them.” Summyr Bernard*************************”Great course, absolutely loaded with value. Thank you so much. This was exactly what I needed for where I currently am on my course(s) creating journey.” Debbie Zsolnai*************************Do you dream of running your own online School or Academy?If you love creating online courses, then this course is for you.I will show you in 8 simple steps how to create your own school or academy using the Thinkific platform. What are income potentials for running your own online School? Look over my shoulder as I share my side-by-side income comparisons between the Core Freedom Academy and my Udemy courses.Watch over my shoulder and see how easy it is to create an online course using the Thinkific platform. Watch me organize my computer files, add my course title, description, upload videos, set the course price, and eventually hit the publish button. IMPORTANT: Thinkific is a paid third-party service. However, I will show you how to get started for free so that you can focus on creating your course first while you are building your list so that you have an anticipating audience ready to buy from you before you switch to a paid account. *************************”Great course that guided me tremendously in better organizing my course planning. Valuable information to get me started (and to release procrastination).” Judith Kohnen*************************”Excellent information for anyone starting out in online courses and she includes an absolutely brilliant technique for using Udemy effectively, despite the usual drawbacks of Udemy. Highly recommended!” Scott Babb*************************”Excellent fast track course for those with no experience and just starting building education platform online business.” Paulina Milewicz*************************Keywords: #thinkific, #teachable, #udemy, #learnworlds, #skillshare, #podia, #ruzuku, #click4course, #digitalchalk, #pathwright, #zippycourses, #kajabi, #academyofmind, #learndash, #accessally, #coursecats, #lifterlms, #opensesame, #coursemerchant, #lmscheckout, #courseindex, #learnpress, #coursepresspro, #sensei, #wpcourseware, #goodlms, #namaste!lms, #masterstudylms, #create and sell online courses, #online course masters, #best-selling online instructors, #online course ideas, #build a course in 1 week, #online courses, #create an online course, #how to create an online course, #1 week to creating an online course, #become an online instructor, #Cha~zay,