Increase your effectiveness and efficiency as a leader while building a resilient workplace culture. This course starts with a Leadership Self-Assessment to establish your personal baseline so you can apply what you’re learning to what’s on your desk right now. We’ll explore cutting edge leadership theories and practices including:taking accountability for 7 levels of success examining proven factors that make companies most resilient and most likely to retain employees and customersexpanding your personal leadership capacity while growing “leaderfulness” in your teamgetting your highest returns on investment of cultural capital – an invisible, yet critical impact on profits, stakeholder loyalty, innovation and teamworkThe Leadership Assessment & Development Course, with over 2 hours of in-depth content, is for established business owners and executives who want to know how to leverage invisible drivers like values, vision, decision-making, commitment to excellence, team coherence, creativity, vitality, and satisfaction.Along with video, slides, and supplemental materials, coaching questions for each of the 7 levels help you integrate what you’re learning with what’s going on in your world. Uniquely rich leadership content delivered by an executive consultant, author and former university professor.