Why I created this course To give you PROVEN refined and augmented easy steps to be an exceptional leader from -The extraordinary inspirations as a medical representative who suffered for 9 years, from 13 mediocre or even poor bosses, but not leaders, and 3 good managers, but not leaders, – To attribute and give you the success secrets of the one exceptional leader, I met in my 25 years working experience, who inspired me so much and transformed me to be a more successful person. – Then from applying and improving all of that now for 15 years as a leader for many small teams. – From refining and augmenting all of the that to NEXT LEVEL as a therapeutic coach and an international trainer. In this course, youll master 4 stages leadership coaching program to be an exceptional leader How to transform your team and yourself to give the best outstanding performance. Why and How to be an A+ emotional intelligent leader? Who is aware, can regulate, lead and motivate for outstanding success. How to be a super convincing, who can touch, convince and influence anyone especially his team, to achieve his vision. Proven success strategies that will give you huge distinction.This is a sample of the top contents youll master by the end of this leadership coaching program -The #1 tool proved to transform an ordinary BOSS to be an exceptional leader who leads his team to great success? And how to do that step by step? – How to convince and transform resistant employees into loyal team members eager to do their best. – How to build a trust relationship with your team in the PROVEN easiest way?. – How to let yourself and your team to execute the big vision effortlessly? – How to be an A+ emotional intelligent leader. Because emotional intelligence PROVED to be, number 1 reason to give extraordinary results and success whatever the stress around – The simple way PROVED to create best successful mentality inside your team members. – what is the # 1 PROVEN REASON for people to trust you? And how to train yourself on it step by step? – Train yourself on how to bypass any emotional resistance of your team with a PROVEN mental hack! – How to make a strong impression every time you talk to them with a PROVEN way? – Best way to deal with failures. – How to use stress in an innovative way to increase your success? – How to lead your people to welcome change not resisting it? -PROVEN ways to increase creativity in your team.