I want to give you 36 Practical Tools To Create And Facilitate Meetings Of Excellence That Meet Your Goals And Help Grow Resilient Teamsthat you can use tomorrow before, during and after your team meetings to manage meetings of excellence and meet your goals…to help you and your team get more done in less time so you can expedite decision making, consolidate communication and enjoy being around your coworkers.How often have you sat through a meeting and said to yourself, what a waste of time, I could be doing something better!Here are the facts…Fact: According to a 3M Meeting Network surveyexecutives spend 18+ hours per week in meetings with an estimated 25-50% of meeting time considered wasted.Fact: In a survey reported in Industry Week, 2000 managers claimed that at least 30 percent of their time spent in meetings were a waste of time.Fact: According to a survey by Office Team, a division of Robert Half International, 45 percent of senior executives surveyed said that their employees would be more productive if their firms banned meetings for at least one-day a week.Have You Ever Had These Concerns?    I dont see how this meeting is relevant to me.I have other things on my mind.This is not high priority for me.I dont think the meetings have a good structure.I really dont like one of my team members.The meetings are a waste of time.They never finish when theyre supposed to.We never follow up on action items.There are no action items assigned.We didnt get anywhere.The same topics keep coming up over and over again.Theres always negative people that have nothing to contribute.We talk about the same thing over and over again.What does this mean for you and your team? Fact: A collaborative study by Microsoft, America Online and Salary concluded that the average worker actually worked only 3 days per week or about 1.5 hours per day. The study identified the rest of the working time was wasted, with unproductive meetings heading the list.Fact: According to a Clarizen/Harris Interactive survey:40% of employees think status update meetings waste valuable time70% say these meetings dont help them get any work done.67% say they are spending up to 4 hours/week getting ready for their next status update meeting.So, how do you go from time wasted to time saved before, during and after your team meetings to move forward towards your goals?Like I said, these are 36 practical toolsto help you and your team get more done in less time so you can expedite decision making, consolidate communication and enjoy being around your coworkers, and of course, we call itMeeting: Motivate Change Internally: The Art and Science of Meetings That MotivateHeres how it worksMeeting is a 3-part system to create and facilitate meetings of excellence that meet your goals and grow resilient teamsPart 1 focuses on BEFORE the meeting such as creating a vision of empowerment, creating delegation and accountability and creating an agenda.Specifically with Part 1Create a vision of organization, readiness and metrics, all tied to continuous quality improvement with your teamsThe difference between the command model and the consultative model and why its so important you choose the right oneProactively manage meetings effectively delegating and managing fires and creating accountability even before the meeting startsThe steps to create large group accountability and small group accountability and how to rotate delegation and accountability with your teamsSave time and frustration getting yourself and your team ready for the meeting with a agenda that identifies goals and key stepsPart 2 focuses on DURING the meeting by helping you connect with your team, facilitate team building activities, validate individual contributions, keep them engaged, answer questions, roll with the unexpected and close well.Specifically with Part 2Connect with your team so you can get your team members engaged from the moment they sit downBalance free discussion with action items all while maintaining time parameters, incorporating your goals into your team goalsSave time and avoid getting sucked into the fire by validating individual contributions, getting back on track and coming back to prioritiesThe four meeting styles that keep team members engaged, on track, and having fun all the way through your meetingHow to confidently answer any question, including those you dont know or are completely off topicStay on track and manage confrontation by solving a problem without getting caught up in the day to day firesPart 3 focuses on AFTER the meeting so that you can incorporate delegation and accountability, and substantiate the vision of empowerment you create before the meeting even startedSpecifically with Part 3Delegate tasks and action items for post meeting follow up and hold team members accountable for those action itemsThe four Questions to ask at the end of every meeting to ensure follow up and accountability of everyone involved (Hint: Post these in every room in your company)The post-meeting goals-issues-minutes template to publish key takeaways and incorporate individual goals and team goals after the meetingContinue working towards your vision and goals through and set up the capacity to improve even after the team meeting is overAnd much, much moreIf you havent experience this before, its an amazing feeling to come away from a meeting knowing you can    Enjoy being with your coworkers.Get your ideas validated and recognized.Get more help and support when you need it.Get genuine praise for your accomplishments.Achieve your organizational and individual goals.Take on additional responsibility.Show off your individual skills and abilities.Incorporate your personal goals into those of the team.Consolidate communication.Prioritize your work.Expedite decision making.More effectively use your time.Make better decisions as a team.Get validation on the work youve used your time on.If this 3-part program sounds difficult, dont worry we make everything simple, easy to understand, and quick to learn…In fact, you can complete the entire training in just 4 hours!  Which means that by this time tomorrow, youll be able to say with confidence:I know EXACTLY how to create and facilitate meetings of excellence.  Instead of wasting time, you can SAVE time, grow resilient teams and meet your goals. With a proven system for the art and science of meetings that motivate.We know this system works, because its the same system that hundreds of our clients in leadership helped us create as we helped them create and facilitate meetings of excellence to meet THEIR goalsHeres what a few of them had to say after the program”Jason’s tips and advice have been tremendously beneficial to me both professionally and personally. Not only does he have great insights into how to engage adult learners during a meeting; he also has ways for making the usually daunting task of writing meeting material more manageable and achievable in a way that benefits both the presenter and the audience. These tips are great for public speaking beyond business settings too!”      Jon Maloto – User Experience DesignerJason Teteak’s meeting program not only provided easy-to-use techniques, but the confidence and presence to truly run the show and communicate to your audience what you intended to. He changed the way I thinkabout being in front of people in a meeting and about feeling assured doing my own thing effectively. You need to see what this course can do for you!”      Mike Dyer Project ManagerWhen Jason teaches you good presentation skills and how to apply them to a leading a meeting he doesnt just tell you what to do, he shows you. I could read about how to be a good presenter all day but it never really clicked until I saw the skills in action.    Nicole Ranere — Project ManagerYoull get to see the entire play-by-play as you watch me me facilitate and model the before, during and after of a real meeting with some of those clients.  So youll get there MUCH faster and with LESS work because youll know exactly which situation to apply each technique.And you can do it all today, by getting access to MeetingClick the button to create and facilitate meetings of excellence TODAY.And like all our Rule the Room trainings, this one is protected by our 30-day, no-questions-asked guaranteeso if you arent happy for any reason, just let us know and well give you your money backno questions asked.Daniel Pink says, Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another.”Its time for you and your team to connectto expedite decision making, consolidate communication and enjoy being around your coworkers!See you on this inside…About Your Meeting InstructorInternational Public Speaking Coach, TEDx Speaker and Best Selling author Jason Teteak has taught more than one million people how to flawlessly command attention and connect with audiences in their unique style.Hes won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring communications skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques.Or as he puts it No theoretical fluff.Jason gained recognition at EPIC Systems in the medical software industry, where he was known as trainer of trainers of trainers.He has developed more than fifty presentation and communication training programs ranging in length from one hour to three days that serve as the basis for The Rule the Room Method.In 2014,-2019 he was named #1 Best Selling coach on Public Speaking for his on-demand video teaching tools that quickly took off for over 1,000,000 online students around the world.Teteak has flipped the model and changed the approach to great Public Speaking for even the most seasoned veterans.