Learn 500 Arabic Words with Flashcards + Grammar Essentials



This 4.5hours course was designed to simplify the task of learning the Arabic Language through Vocabulary lessons, intertwined with Grammar lessons. The course is best taken by students who want to quickly go through Arabic Grammar and acquire basic words to advance them towards mastering the language.The Vocabulary lessons are straight forward Flashcard presentation of the words with some further information as to plurals/feminine and whether the word is a noun or an adjective – all are color coded to make it easy. The words were carefully selected to give a mix of basic words in the Quran as well as words that we use in the everyday life. After learning the 500 words, the student will find it easier to increase their vocabulary. The Grammar lessons are quick lessons on the most important aspects of the language and give the student the essentials to kickstart their journey to master the language. The Grammar lessons start by giving the absolute beginners the basics phonetics of the Arabic Language which will help them read and write any Arabic word. The Grammar lessons progress through Nouns and end with Verbs, focusing on how to build sentences.