Learn 500 French Words with Flashcards and Make Sentences



This course wasdesigned to give students from all backgrounds and Levelsa kick-start in French Language, taught fully in English. The course consists of Vocabulary Flashcards, plenty of Quiz questions andExplanation on How to Make Sentences.FlashcardsThe main part of thecourse ison 500individual words that will be taught using Flashcards in the form of pictures. The words have been chosen among commonly used,everyday life words that you can use at home, restaurant, school etc.. Unlike English, each word in French has a gender and the flashcards includeThe masculine andfeminineand also plurals forms of the words where relevant.The flashcards containcolor codes for the wordsto make it easy to memorize the gender and plurals..To reinforce the memorization of the words, Quiz questions are part of the course between the lessons.SentencesThe course teaches how to make basic sentences without actually referring to any technicalgrammar words.The coursehas an indirect method of teaching grammar with basic explanation that are equally effective as technical explanation.