In simple words, OSS is a set of systems used to support day to day activities of a telecom service provider which includes order management, service management, network management and billing systems. These support systems are put in place to minimize the providers operating expenses and at the same time, optimize or enhance the system performance, productivity, and availability. OSS ensures proper operations of equipment for: Installation Configuration Testing Inventory and assignment Maintenance Fault detection and resolution Security Fraud collection, and Fraud detection OSS applications are designed to do their job on multiple vendor devices, ensuring consistency is maintained and network management processes are streamlined. OSS is used to manage the complexity of network planning and service design by using templates, rules, and step-by-step processes to guide users. The course also focuses on Core Operational Processes like CRM, Service Management & Operations, Resource Management & Operationsand Supplier Partner Relationship Management. The learning includes Order Management, Network Inventory management, Provisioning & Activation, Service Assurance, Applications for Fulfillment, Assurance.