Telecom operations is a process of managing telecom services to ensure maximum availability & minimum disruption in telecom services. The telecom operations process involves managing functions like network inventory management, managing provisioning issues, network availability, & fault management.As a part of managing telecom operations, the following key processes (which are as per ITIL standards) need to be followed to ensure maximum availability of services Event Management Incident Management Request Fulfilment Problem Management Access Management e TOM is a standard telecom process framework. This framework is independent of organization, software tools, infrastructure, and services. This framework is operator neutral and can be used by service provider with minor changes to make it fit for use. ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. It is a proven best practice which is service industry neutral and not necessary to be followed exactly the way it is defined. This framework is proven practice set for service management in organizations. It gives a complete lifecycle of a service and how it can be managed for best results. The course gives deep insight on the integration of eTOM and ITIL which is used for the betterment of telecom operations. The learning involves lifecycle of problem management using integration of eTOM and ITIL. The course also covers batch processes, configuration management and performance management. Batch processes are non-financial critical processes which can be run during non-business hours. As part of batch processing, usually multiple records of services or functionality are processed at one time. Configuration management is a process of integrating operator services, software tools, underlying service infrastructure, and service impacting parameters. This process helps in managing entire lifecycle of configuration items, their status, and expected changes. Performance management is a process of monitoring system performance and tune it to provide better performance. This process helps in identifying areas of application improvement and root cause of service performance degradation. Participants will get to know about tools used for telecom operations. The course concludes covering service assurance strategies, SLA, OLA and some concepts related to KPI. Join us to explore more on Telecom Operations