Learn Algebra in 10 Minutes a Day



Are you trying to learn Algebra at your school or college but struggling to understand your textbook or the teacher?Are you a parent who is having trouble helping your child with his or her schoolwork?Do you need someone to explain Algebra to you in a simple way that is easy to understand?Do you benefit from seeing problems worked and hearing explanations?Are you needing some help but don’t have all day to spend on Algebra?If so, then you have come to the right place. This course offers bite-sized lessons that fit into your busy schedule. You can watch one per day or as many as you like. You can pick and choose the topics that are causing you the most difficulty. You can also access resources containing practice problems to make sure you understand the material.I have been a college math teacher for 14 years, and other than Calculus, Algebra is my most favorite topic in math. (Yes, I said it: I love algebra!) Because I’m super-comfortable with the topic, I know how to explain it in ways that students understand. I’ve taught the content many, many times, so I can anticipate areas that tend to give students trouble and make sure that you don’t trip over those same spots.So, if you’re needing some help in your Algebra class, wanting to learn Algebra on your own, or wanting to help others better understand Algebra, I would be honored if you would join me by clicking “Enroll Now.”See you inside!