UPDATE September 2018 – Course has been updated to support ‘Polymer LitElement’, which is the latest version of Polymer. Enjoy building Custom Web Components and a beautiful To Do Web Application using Polymer LitElement!—There are some Polymer courses on the web now. Which one should you take? If you’re looking to quickly grasp the core concepts of Polymer with hands-on examples on the latest Polymer versionand want to learn from a developer/instructor with over 10 years of experience who has also launched and advised multiple tech startups then this is the course for you!The Polymer library is designed to make it easier and faster for developers to create great, reusable web components for the modern web. By the time you’re done with this course you’ll understand how Polymer can be used to build web applications. This includes learning the fundamentals of Polymer, how to use Polymer Elements from the Polymer Element Catalog, and how to create your own custom elements. This is a hands-on course that you can follow along with and learn by doing.We will build a To Do Web Application from scratchusing Polymer LitElement. We are going to usecustom components, Polymer Elements, Polymer CLI, Visual Studio Code and may many moreto create the perfect elements.The new, leaner Polymer LitElement core base class makes it easier than ever to make fast, beautiful, and interoperable web components. If you haven’t used Polymer before, it’s time to try it out. If you haven’t tried it recently, time to take another look.The Polymer course is broken down into following sections:Learn Polymer, Polymer LitElement and build a custom componentDive deeper into Shadow DOMand Event Handling conceptsPrepare Development EnvironmentBuild a Beautiful To Do Web Application from scratch using Polymer LitElementBy the end of the course you’ll have walked through of all of the key components in Polymer, used a Polymer Element and built a working Custom Element with Polymer. If you’re looking to boost your Polymer knowledge look no further than this course. It’s a great technology to know and add to your resume!