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 What is the course about?This course is about finding the right method for you to boost your language study.  Every learner is different, and every learner needs something different to succeed.  This course will help you learn methods, and find resources that fit your learning style, and will help bring you closer to real fluency.   How long will the course take to complete?This course isn't like like a school class, with a beginning, middle and an end.  Treat this course like a buffet, picking and choosing ideas as you please, and implementing them into your language study.  How is the course structured?This course will be structured around the main areas of language acquisition.  Each area will include multiple ideas about how to boost that area of interest:ReadingWritingSpeakingListeningOther (grammar, vocabulary, translation etc.)Why take this course?Learning languages is fun, but it's also really challenging.  Studying from textbooks and from a teacher are NOT the only ways to learn, and there are a lot more fun, innovative, and more effective methods available outside of the classroom.If you feel something missing in your language education, this course could be for you!Through this course, you'll learn to take control of your language learning, have more fun, and feel great about learning a foreign language!