Telecom Network Architecture course starts with evolution of the legacy PSTN networks. The course covers Network Architecture for Fixed and Wireless networks for a Service Provider. The architecture is explained using hierarchy like Core, Aggregation and Access.Networking is basically communication or an interconnection of computers and other devices including client computers, servers and, network devices, such as hubs, switches, routers, and firewall. Participants will also learn about network components, network topologies, transmission media and TCP/IP protocol suite.The course coversOpen Systems Interconnection or OSImodel, whichis a theoretical framework for understanding and explaining networking protocols. The purpose of the OSI model is to open communication between different systems without any changes to the logic of the underlying hardware and software. All OSI Layers are independent from each other, which makes introducing changes easier as no other layers are effected. The OSI model has been discussed giving good understanding of the different layers and their functionalities in detail. The course learning concludeswith the wireless access basic concepts related to frequency and spectrum.The assessment quiz at the end will help participants to check their learning.