Learn Bootstrap in depth and complete course with project



Comprehensive Bootstrap training provided by easylearning.guru is a detailed course for people who want to create responsive website designs in less time. This course is designed with the project-based approach that teaches you how to manipulate the website user interface with the Bootstrap framework.After learning this course, you can have a grip on the following-The basic and advanced concepts of BootstrapPackages available in BootstrapGrid System available in Bootstrap.Grid structure and classes available in Bootstrap.Knowledge of Bootstrap CSSTypography styles, headings, bold, italics, etc.Creating make forms in Bootstrap.Create Buttons, images and icons in Bootstrap.Bootstrap Layout Components.Dropdowns, Badges, Labels, etc.Navigation elements in Bootstrap, Pagination.Bootstrap JavaScript plugins.Modals, dropdown methods, Scrollspy, Toggletabs, Tooltips, Popover, Alerts, Wells, etc.