Very Important:1. Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please do not join until you have completed this step. 2. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember Iam just one person, and Imake my videos often after Ihave been working for many hours already. PLease do not join until you have completed this step. 3. If something needs fixing, please let me know. Again, I’m just one person and not a big team of people. Iwill try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you.Video Information:1. These are straightforward coding videos2. Iexplain things sometimes in excruciating detail3. There are questions embedded throughout the videos4. There is no talking head or fancy graphics5. There are zips under lesson resources with the project files where needed6. If you want to push your skills up, you have to type and run the code just as Ido. Experience is the greatest and most effective teacher.7. As you create the code, stop and ask yourself this question:can you make one meaningful change to the code to produce a new effect or to show something slightly different?If you do this repeatedly, even if slowly at first, your programmer’s “brain” will grow much faster.8. This course uses classic ASP.NET, and NOT MVCor anything like that where the templates are already very elaborate. My code is built from scratch, line by line.9. For the hearing-impaired, closed-captions are added automatically. Ido not have control over those, so they might not be perfect. I’m the author of “Beginning C# Hands-On The Core Language” and “C# Hands-On The Advanced Features”, both from PACKT.