Very Important:1. Friends, please take the time to review the curriculum carefully before buying so you can see exactly whether this is the right course for you. Please do not join until you have completed this step. 2. Please watch the free preview videos so you can see whether the presentation style works for you. Please remember Iam just one person, and Imake my videos often after Ihave been working for many hours already. PLease do not join until you have completed this step. 3. If something needs fixing, please let me know. Again, I’m just one person and not a big team of people. Iwill try to fix it as quickly as possible. Thank you.Course Overview:1. This course consists of standalone examples designed to illustrate specific skills. There are no big applications built in this course.2. You must use Visual Studio 2017 to be sure you have the latest version of C# running. Lower versions of Visual Studio will cause errors because newer programming elements will not be found.3. This is a beginners course, but Ido not spare the details, even when they are verytechnical. This means in a few videos Ishow you the .NETFramework source code. I do this because it’s important to look at things as they actually are, and not at an artificially simplified perspective.4. Italk fairlyslowly in some of the videos.5. If you feel the way Italk is too slow for you, please watch at 1.25x, which you can set easily on the player.6. Imade the videos in 1080p HD.If you have trouble with the resolution, please try reloading the page a few times.7. This course covers C# through console programs only. It does nothave ASP.NET, Windows Forms, MVC, .NETCore or anything like that.8. There are questions throughout the videos. At those times, please pause and try answering them. Success invariably results from understanding how the many small and intricate pieces of anything fit together. This takes time, consistent effort and a willing to push yourself. Success is the result of a whole-hearted effort, exerted daily and consistently. This is what years of struggle have taught me:)9. The videos are just coding videos done in Visual Studio Community 2017. This is the free version of Visual Studio.10. This is a course dedicated to code only, so you do notseeany of the following:a talking head, PowerPoints or fancy graphics. To me, these are distractions that shift focus away from the things that truly matter.11. Exercises start in video two. Ihave overlays embedded that say “Pause and try this:…”, with the specific question in place of the ellipses.12. In some of the videos, there are several questions because Iguide you through building a bigger piece of code.13. Some of the videos don’t have any questions.14. All the code is written from scratch in the code editor window in Visual Studio Community 2017.15. In some of the videos, I use the debugger to step through the code, line by line, and intricate detail by intricate detail.16. I talk frequently about reading the various tips that show as you type in Visual Studio. You must learn how to read them because they provide valuable information.17. In some of the videos, Ishow you how C# looks in your computer memory. You must look at the memory of your computerto truly understand what’s happening. Just reading messages in the console window is not the same as truly understanding what they mean.18. In some of the videos, Izoom in on various things Ifeel need special attention.19. For the hearing-impaired, closed-captions are added automatically. Ido not have control over those, so they might not be perfect. On a personal note, Ican tell you only that it is through consistent, WHOLE-HEARTED effort, that something technical like a programming language can be learned. That’s what Ihave learned from years of struggling. Iwould urge you to embrace this philosophy because it’s a very powerful. Ihope you will find great value in this course. Thank you for reading, and Iwill see you inside!Tom