In this course, instructor Prantik Madhukalya gives us a comprehensive look at his process for animating a non-humanoid creature. Here he will cover some basic rig functionality, scene layout, as well as walk through the layout, blocking, and polish stages of the animation process. The pre-rigged character is also available as part of the course for you to practice with! (Students – please look under Section 1 / Lecture 1 downloads for the character to use with the lesson.) More about the Instructor: Prantik Madhukalya is a professional character animator currently living in Mumbai and working on Various Animated Series and DVD films. He holds a Bachelors in Animation and Multimedia from Picasso Animation College with Centennial College collaboration and has a skill set that includes 3D character animation, classical 2D animation, storyboard creation, Rigging, Skinning, and Hair/Fur systems.