Learn Data Visualization and Become Data Analyst



Decision makers who run our world and corporations use data effectively, to give them clarity to take relevant and fast decisions.Data is considered to be the new currency and in order to use it properly, we need to know how to visualize it effectively.Great visualization is difficult because they consist of a good mix of science and art.In this course, you will learn the process of data visualization in simple and effective 7-step approach.You will understand how to start a visualization project on a right note.You will be able to categorize and characterize types of visualization to simplify decision-making steps in the process.You will see in details, how to work with a real world visualization usecase.You will learn how to have an UX-centric approach in the design phase of data visualization.You will learn how to use wireframing tools to build your data visualization design for the usecase.And finally, you will come to know how to use D3 to bring design to real life.