Master Continuous Integration withJenkins in this easy & comprehensive course!Foregothe hours spent on debugging your code, or even looking for which bugbroke what with ContinuousIntegration. So, instead ofwasting hours going through each line of code to check for bugs, orrunning a number of different tools to test which code doesntwork, Jenkins can help you as you write your code.ContinuousIntegration tests every time your code is changed, which means thateach line of code you add is automatically tested, the results ofwhich will let you knowif the code works or breaks. This is why it is currently extremelypopular with developers and programmers,because it saves them agood chunk of their time.If you want to master ContinuousIntegration but have zero knowledge of what it is, then this courseis perfect for you!Thiscourse has been designed and built by experts whowill help break down Continuous Integration intosmall and easy to understand segments.We have created this tutorial as a guide to help newbies not onlylearn what is CI, but also actually understand how to integrate CI intheir codes. We assume thatyou have no prior knowledge of Jenkins and Continuous Integration,but we do assume that you have an idea of how Ubuntu works, as wellas basic virtualization concepts. Thiscourse uses a hands-on approach and is loaded with examples at everystage to help studentsactually understand and learn what is going on, rather than simplyfollow through with the videos and end up lost and confused later on.We also use an exampleproject that the student will build along with the instructor.Thecourse will cover important topics regarding CI and Jenkins such aswhat is Jenkins and continuous integration, a brief introduction tothe Jenkins system, how to install Jenkins and integrate the CI,basic configuration of your Jenkins, and will also build a real-worldexample by creating andtesting a Java application using Maven through Jenkins.Atthe end of this course, youwill have learnedexactly what is CI, how it can help you and also how you can saveyourself from hours of miserable code checking and debugging.So,what are you waiting for? Enroll now and learn how to work smart, notjust hard!