Express is an extremely powerful tool for creating web applications built on Node.Join us for an action-packed series of video tutorials as we learn about how to use and implement the impressive Express library.- Install Express on your computer- Run a custom server- Understand requests and responsesWe'll learn about many aspects of practical Express implementation over the course of over 13 videos and lots of other amazing course material.- Use GET and POST requests- Write and run tests with Mocha- Learn about RESTful APIsThis course teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to use Express! Express is an extremely practical tool, whether you're looking to use it for prototyping, hobbies or if you're looking to improve your qualifications to work in the field of Web Development, this is the course for you!- Over seven workshops and five lectures- Test your knowledge with challenging quizzesThis is an extremely practical and skills-oriented course. Take the next step to improving your web development skills today!