Theworld of app development is fast paced, where app trends come and go.What started as simple and functional apps, have now resulted appsthat are more integrated at every step. This has pushed for a changein the way we build our apps, including the tools we use. We are nolonger capable of pushing out dynamic and fluid apps without usingframeworks!Frameworksare libraries or set of guidelines that simplify the process ofbuilding apps byallowing developers to write less code that does more. Front-endframeworks work hand-in-hand with server-sideframeworks to ensure a complete functional framework.Thecourse has been designed for intermediate developers who are at leastfamiliar with Core Java, an idea about the Spring Framework and atleast basic web development knowledge as the course will not coverbasic Java paradigms. ThisSpring + Angular tutorialwill goover basic concepts of Angular 5 including the theory behind it, whyits useful, the standard file structure, TypeScript, the CLI,components, and so on. Following this, youll delve into Spring andlearn how to integrate it into your Angular project. Whenit comes to the SpringFramework,youll go over how to create your back-end server and get it up andrunning with Angular. From there you will work on building an actualproject from the ground up A ToDo List Application. This willincludedesigning an entire front-end layout with Angular and integrating aback-end system with Spring. Thecourse will cover topics such as Angular Fundamentals (theory behindit, why its useful, building a simple Hello World Project, commandline interface, standard file structure, TypeScript, components,building blocks, etc.), howto integrate Spring with your Angular project,how to create your back end server and get Spring working withAngular, advancedAngular concepts like dependency injection, HTTP client, formhandling, etc. and completea ToDo List Application.Atthe end of this course, you willhave the knowledge and the experience toactually start building yourown Angular applications from scratch.Enrollnow and start your career asa web developernow!