This comprehensive course covers everything a developer needs to know to effectively use Gulp in day-to-day situations and in the workplace.We will cover all main Gulp topics in this series, including what Gulp is, Installation, Plugins and automating a project using a Gulpfile.You will learn: How to install Gulp on your Mac or PC How to run Gulp from the command line and use the Gulp command-line arguments How Gulp works and when you should use it About various essential Gulp plugins including gulp-less, gulp-concat and gulp-uglify How to run Gulp tasks in sequence How to run Gulp tasks automatically when certain files are updated How to write a fully-fledged Gulpfile to manage a complex projectGulp is a very powerful and easy-to-use tool. By taking this tutorial series, you will be able to use Gulp in all your day-to-day projects. You will understand how to write a Gulpfile, what plugins to download, and how to configure them using the Gulp API.Best of all, we'll tackle a full Gulpfile in a hands-on workshop where we'll need to automate LESS, JavaScript and HTML processing. We'll use gulp-uglify, gulp-less, browser-sync and more, all in real time, so you can code along at home.