Learn How to Be a Psychic Entertainer in One Day



Your party plans are going great until the psychic entertainer calls last minute to cancel.Oh, no! What are you going to do?Your guests are expecting to have their fortunes read and every other tarot card reader, palm reader, rune caster, and other fortune-tellers in the area are all booked up.Fear not! You don’t have to huddle around that Magic 8-Ball from the seventies to see if signs point to yes. Help is here and your party can be saved!This course will lead you through the steps for you or a friend to take a crash course in fortune-telling for parties. This can be for a Halloween party, baby shower, Jack and Jill, corporate event, employee recognition day, and so on. Everyone loves to have their fortune read whether they believe in it or not. People’s eyes light up when they hear about fortune tellers at parties.Having a fortune teller at a party can be a great ice-breaker, giving guests an activity to do. Some event planners have many stations of various activities for guests, some center the event around the fortune-teller or psychic entertainer.Psychic entertainers who cancel at the last minute are a real drag but you can save the day with this crash course and still have fun entertaining your guests.I’ve taken my years of training as a tarot card reader, palm reader, astrologer, crystal ball reader and tea leaf reader from working corporate functions and private events and parties and created some quick tips and tricks to help you get through the night fortune-telling for other people! When you’re finished watching these short yet informative videos, you’ll be able to pull off a fun and memorable psychic party that will wow your friends.