Are you wanting to have a website, but don’t want to pay $1000’s to get it up and running?Worried about what to put on your website, if it matches your brand, or will you have to start again when you get professional help?What if it doesn’t work, and don’t know what “Coding” is let alone how to do it?How would you feel all the above were no longer an issue; would you have a website?Well, now you can.This course take youstep by stepthrough building content for your websitewith advice from professionals on what you can do now for yourself, and why you need to do it right from the start to save you time and money later on.Then, we’ll show you how to customize a website theme using templates already set up for you to copy and paste, ordrag and drop,content onto your websitewithout needing to do any coding.Whether it is for a business, to promote your expertise and services, or even just a local community group, this course gives you an affordable option to turn your dreams into a reality.Includes a certificate of completion. Professional development for:BSBEBU501 Investigate and design e-business solutionsBSBMGT519 Incorporate digital solutions into plans and practicesBSBLDR503 Communicate with influenceThis course does not include assessing orissuing the units, and only provides training. Upon completion of this course, you may choose to apply to an issuing Registered Training Organisation (RTO) directlyto get formal skills recognition (of Prior Learning). While we do not have any affiliations with an RTO, we do have access to advice from qualified assessors who can advise you on the requirements and what you could provide as evidence as a result of this course.